Ego-Rizer, makers of pro sound and stage lighting equipment, created the Ego-Rizer™ stage lighting system as you've seen used by major talents! So what are Ego-Rizers™ and why do pro sound and stage lighting experts love them?
Custom-built ego riser stage lighting equipment has been used by bands like:



What's an Ego-Rizer™?

The Ego-Rizer™ is a raised, illuminated platform created by pro sound and stage lighting equipment specialists to add a powerful effect for an artist performing a solo or climactic piece.
Money Shot Ego Rizer

Roadies Not Required

For years, roadies have constructed similar stage lighting risers for rock stars using make-shift boxes to allow performers to get up close and personal with the crowd. Ego-Rizer™ makes you the superstar!
Money Shot Ego-Rizer Sillhouette

Pro Audio Needs Pro Gear

Being an outstanding artist is great, but in a world where everyone is competing to get gigs, professional effects are a MUST to get you noticed. Traditionally reserved for the rich & famous, Ego-Rizer™ makes your show professional & unique. Give them something other bands can't! Give them the Ego-Rizer™ experience!
2-Timer Stage Lighting System Front

Power Comes Easy For Some

The Ego-Rizer™ is easy to carry and easier to set up! With spring loaded flight case handle, or guitar amp handle. Just plug in, step on a foot switch, and the crowd goes into a fist-pumping frenzy!
2-Timer Front

Rock Solid Guarantee

This stage lighting equipment is solid wood construction! There's no particle board used in our risers. Ego-Rizers™ are road tested and are built to out last any other piece of equipment you own -- virtually indestructible. Because of the high quality of this pro stage lighting equipment, every Ego-Rizer™ comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
From beginning guitarists performing at home, garage bands, and guitar hero kids to artists performing in touring bands, bars, nightclubs, and even stadium-size venues, the Ego-Rizer™ stage lighting system will make your act larger than life.
"It just intensifies my stage presence and creates a more exciting performance."
Adam McAdory,